Model FSD-171-OP 1-½ hour • UL class 1 - combination fire smoke damper actuator in the airstream - out-of-partition


The FSD-171-OP combination fire smoke damper employs triple-V blades for point-of-origin control of fire and smoke in static and dynamic smoke management systems. These specialty dampers are approved for installation with the closed plane of the blades up to 14-1/2" (368) outside the fire rated partition and come standard with the actuator in the airstream allowing for direct service access from the face of the damper through the HVAC grille. The FSD-171-OP is qualified to 2,000 ft/min (10.2 m/s) and 4 in.wg. (1.0 kPa) and may be installed in vertical walls and partitions, or horizontally in floors or assemblies with fire resistance ratings up to 2 hours. The FSD-171-OP may also be installed in horizontal openings of metal stud or wood stud tunnel-type corridor ceilings.



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