BD image Pottorff Announces NEW Dual-Module Extreme Weather Louver

Our EFJ-937 dual-module louver features AMCA 550 performance while retaining the aesthetic appearance of horizontal J-blades. The interior features vertical chevron blades for superior resistance to wind-driven rain. Engineered and tested to withstand extreme loads, debris impact and cyclic fatigue associates with the severe weather effects of hurricanes.


• AMCA 540/550 Listed for High Velocity Rain Resistance and Impact Resistance

• AMCA Certified for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain

• Free Area: 53.9%


Latest News


Pottorff's new Radial Damper Featured in the March issue of the ASHRAE Journal

Our RCS-15R is featured in the March ASHRAE Journal. This damper is available from 6” to 14” in diameter and features a maximum system velocity of 1600 fpm and maximum system pressure of 1 in. wg.

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Pottorff announces addition of the RCS-15R Radial Blade Control Damper

Our new RCS-15R radial blade control damper offers an economical way to balance low pressure and velocity applications. This duct mounted damper has manual remote control cables that easily mount in the ductwork to allow adjustment in the face of diffusers. Available in diameters from 6” to 14”.

Expanded Size Ratings for Pottorff Airfoil Blade Fire and Fire/Smoke Dampers

We are pleased to announce expanded size ratings for our airfoil blade Fire and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers. These dampers can now be ordered at a minimum height of 6” for installations where space is at a premium. The expanded size range will allow engineers to specify smaller duct heights to increase usable space between building stories.

Pottorff Ceiling Radiation Damper Clearance Allowance Increased

Pottorff has increased the allowance for our model CFD-521-IP and CFD-521-NP to make room for supply grilles with opposed blade dampers. These models can now be ordered with up to a 4” clearance to allow room for a 3-1/2” deep grille. This allows the option of using many additional steel grilles in wood truss floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling applications.

Pottorff announces new Blast Suppression Damper - BC-550

Our new blast suppression damper BC-550 is designed and tested to provide protection against blasts and instantaneous pressure changes. It has been independently tested for blast pressures up to 15 psi which covers several United Facilities Criteria (UFC) and General Services Administration (GSA) Codes.

Maximum Blast Pressure: Up to 15 psi 415 in. wg. (103KPa) blast load
Maximum Velocity: Up to 4,000 fpm (20.3 m/s)
Temperature: Minimum: -400 F (-400C)
Maximum: 2500 F (1210C)

Pottorff Supplied Silencers and Industrial Dampers for the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program

As part of the replacement program, the viaduct is being replaced with a 1.7 mile tunnel. This allows the highway to remain open during construction. The tunneling machine known as Big Bertha began the tunnel in July 2013 and the tunnel was completed on April 4, 2017. It was fully dismantled on August 23, 2017. The video below shows the tunnel and Pottorff's installed dampers can be seen at the 1.50 mark.

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Pottorff's Blast Damper Featured in the November ASHRAE Journal

Our BC-550 blast suppression is featured in the November ASHRAE journal. This Damper is designed for protection agains blasts and instantaneous preassure changes. It has been independently tested for blast preassures up to 15 psi.

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Wilshire Grand Center - Los Angeles, California - Case Study

Pottorff supplied our EDF-445 drainable blade louver, FSD-141 and FSD-125R combination fire/smoke dampers and VFD-10D curtain blade fire damper for the Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles, California. This upscale, 73-story skyscraper is the tallest structure in the Los Angeles skyline features a hotel, cutting-edge restaurants and state-of-the-art office complex. This project won the 2014 American Architecture Award from the Chicago Atheneaum Museum or Architecture and Design.

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Pottorff Louvers featured in the September issue of the AMCA InMotion magazine

Our AMCA Certified and Listed louvers are featured in the AMCA InMotion supplement in the September issue of the ASHRAE Journal.

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Pottorff features our new Blast Damper and Industrial Control dampers in the July 2017 issue of the ASHRAE Journal

Our BC-550 Blast Suppression Damper is featured in the Capabilities section of The ASHRAE Journal. In this double ad, we also showcase our Triple-V blade CD-80 series dampers, Airfoil blade CD-90 series dampers and TD-90 tunnel transit dampers.

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Pottorff introduces our updated UL Life Safety brochure

Our expanded and updated UL Life Safety brochure features a quick selection guide, updated information on our fire, smoke and combination dampers, overview of our in-house testing facility, damper options and accessories and overview of our I503 installation.

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Pottorff Launches NEW 4" Exhaust Louver

The EFE-430-HP extruded aluminum louver is designed to protect exhaust openings in exterior walls. The EFE-430-HP incorporates a drainable head and drainable jambs with low profile exhaust blades.

Pottorff Launches NEW 4" Intake-Exhaust Louver

The EEI-430 louver is designed to protect air intake and exhaust openings in exterior walls. Separate ducts attach to the louver to reduce the mixing or short cycling of intake and exhaust air. The EEI-430 incorporates a drainable head and drainable jambs with low profile exhaust blades on the top and 30° non-drainable intake blades on the bottom.

Pottorff launches NEW Acoustic Miami-Dade louver, the EAJ-1235-MD

Pottorff is pleased to announce the launch of it's EAJ-1235-MD. This Miami-Dade approved louver is 12" deep and features a 35 degree insulated J-Blade. This model is also Florida Building Code approved and is AMCA certified for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Sound. It's also AMCA listed for Impact Resistance.

Free Area Velocity: 924 fpm (4.70 m/s)
Air Volume Delivered: 4528 cfm (2.14 m3/s)
Pressure Loss: 0.08 in. wg. (20 Pa)

Pottorff Launches Redesign of the EXD-437 with Improved Performance

Our 4” combination louver, the EXD-437, now features new operable blades, stainless steel jamb seals and standard low leakage seals. It is also now AMCA Certified for Water Penetration and Air Performance.

Pottorff launches NEW Combination Blade, Miami-Dade louver, the EXA-645-MD

Our new 6" deep 37.5 - 45 degree louver features a combination airfoil blade. It's a Miami-Dade certified, Florida Building Code approved and AMCA certified for Water Penetration and Air Peformance. It's also AMCA listed for Impact Resistance.

Pottorff's 2017 Representative Luncheon Meeting in Las Vegas a Success

We invited our representatives to meet and talk with us over lunch about their issues and concerns. They also viewed new product displays, new pricing software demonstrations, a 2016 Year in Review and what was in store for 2017. We were also very excited to be able to award our representatives for reaching their goals and helping us to reach ours. It was a fun and productive afternoon for our reps and for our associates.

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FSD-150 Series Rated at 4000 FPM and 350 degree F

Pottorff is pleased to offer the FSD-150 Series steel airfoil combination fire and smoke
 dampers now for installation in systems designed for the extreme airflow of 4000 FPM and the blistering temperature of 350 degree F.

FSD-151 1-1/2 HR UL Class 1 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper
FSD-152 1-1/2 HR UL Class 2 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper
FSD-351 3 HR UL Class 1 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper
FSD-352 3 HR UL Class 2 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper

Pottorff Products featured in ASHRAE Journal AHR Expo Edition

Our UL rated Fire, Smoke and Combination FIre/Smoke dampers were specified for the World Trade Center complex in New York City. This project had stringent product performance requirements and our products met and exceeded them.

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New Project Case Studies added to Pottorff Website

Case studies on Barclays Center in New York, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texax, The World Trade Center in New York and the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas have been added to our projects and literature pages on our website.

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Pottorff Featured in the Fall 2016 Issue of AMCA InMotion Magazine

Our AMCA Certified and Listed products are showcases in the latest issue of AMCA InMotion Magazine. We also have an advertisement about our AMCA products in the September 2016 isse of Consulting-Specifying Magazine.

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Colin O'Connell Accepts Role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pottorff

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Colin O’Connell to the position of Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role Colin will be responsible for leadership and strategic planning necessary to grow the business, improve margins for all, and drive positive change in support of our goal to become one of the easiest companies to do business with.


Colin brings over 21 years of experience in the HVAC industry and comes to Pottorff from Johnson Controls where he led the Trion IAQ brands as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He and his team rebuilt the Trion IAQ brands in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wholesale markets following their acquisition from Fedders by Air System Components in 2008. His experience in our markets & channels, in working with commercial rep organizations and leading a sales & marketing team will be key in driving continued growth for Pottorff.


Prior to joining Trion Colin worked with Marley Engineered Products (Q-Mark and Berko electric heating brands) as their Director of Sales for the Industrial Sales Channel where he was instrumental in managing and growing the sales and distribution channels, consisting of regional and national distributors, national account/manufacturer reps and OEM’s, government and commercial/residential accounts. He started his career in the HVAC industry with Siemens Building Technologies and held roles there teaching programming and operation of their building automation systems and as a Sr. Product Manager developing new products and marketing programs. Before Siemens, Colin served in the United States Navy for nine years operating the Nuclear Power plant onboard Submarines.

NEW 2" Vertical Wind-Driven Rain Louver

Our ECV-245 offers exceptional protection against wind-driven rain under the most severe conditions. The ECV-245 incorporates vertical blades and is available in a wide array of anodized and painted finishes including custom color matching.

AMCA certified for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain

ECD-545-MD with CD55 Option

We have replaced our ECD-545-MD CD55 product model from our product line with a CD55 option added to our ECD-545-MD.

See NEW installation instructions for the CD55 option


NEW 3HR Vertical Fire/Smoke Dampers

We are pleased to announce the addition of larger sizes for our Fire Dampers and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers.

• 120" x 96" FSD-351 and FSD-352 - 3 hr, airfoil blade vertical fire/smoke damper.

• 60" x 48" and 30" x 96" FD-350 - 3 hr, airfoil blade vertical fire damper.

• 108" x 24"  VFD-30 and VFD-30D  - 3 hr, static and dynamic curtain vertical fire damper.

At this size, The VFD-30 is available in both galvanized or stainless steel and the VFD-30D is available in galvanized steel.

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4" Vertical Blade ECV-445 Louver has Improved Performance and Costs Up To 50% Less

Our ECV-445 extruded aluminum louver offers exceptional protection against wind-driven rain under the most severe conditions and is ideally suited for high wind areas that are sensitive to wind-driven rain penetration. Updated performance includes:

Free Area at 42.9%
Class A at 50 mph AMCA 500-L
AMCA Certified for Water Penetration

The ECV-445 incorporates 45 degree vertical blades and is up to 50% less than our previous model. It is also AMCA Certified for Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain as well as Water Penetration.

NEW XAV-545 Aluminum FEMA Grille Louver

Pottorff announces its new 5-1/2” inverted-V blade, aluminum grille louver. The XAV-545 is designed to FEMA 320 or FEMA 361 guidelines for storm shelters and safe rooms, it can withstand design loads ± 300PSF produced by extreme wind phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes. AMCA certified for Water Penetration and Air Performance.

Our XAV-545 rated grilles can withstand design loads of 300 PSF produced by extreme weather phenomena. They have been tested with impacts of 15 lb 2 x 4s traveling at 100MPH as per ICC 500. The inverted V blades mean high free area, excellent resistance to water penetration and very low airflow resistance while providing maximum protection against high winds and wind borne debris.

Watch FEMA Grille Video

VFD-10D Curtain Style Fire Damper is the largest in the industry

Pottorff offers Best-in-Class performance with exceptional cost savings with our VFD-10D Series Dynamic Curtain Fire Damper. We are the only manufacturer with a multiple section dynamic curtain fire damper at 120” x 72” or 72” x 120” at 2000 fpm.

  • VFD-10D-A - curtain style blades
  • VFD-10D-B - out of the airstream curtain style blades
  • VFD-10D-C - out of the airstream frame and curtain style blades

Pottorff currently has the largest single section dynamic curtain fire damper on the market and now adds to its roster the largest multi-section vertical dynamic curtain fire damper. This is a cost effective alternative to multi-blade fire dampers.

LIST louver information and selection tool

List, our louver information and selection tool, is a state-of-the-art computer based program that allows engineers and architects to select the right louver based on application and performance criteria.

"This software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Within minutes I had several selections for a range of stationary and acoustical louvers that met all of my velocity and sizing constraints. . . "

Amanda Phillips, EIT, LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer

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Pat Cockrum announced as Chairman of the Board on the AMCA Executive Committee

AMCA has announced the members who will serve on the AMCA Executive Committee for 2015-2016. Our President Pat Cockrum, will serve as Chairman of the Board on the committee. He has been on the committee for several years and has held previous posts of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President.

Pottorff gives code presentation during AIA Florida Road Show

Our Product Manager for Louvers, Peter Blaha, traveled to Orlando and Miami this month to give over 300 architects a presentation on the various codes that apply to louvers installed on Florida projects. The seminar was set up by AIA Florida and was sponsored by Pottorff.

Pottorff's ECD-745 horizontal blade louver now with improved performance

The ECD-745 horizontal blade louver offers exceptional protection against wind-driven rain under the most severe conditions and features the AMCA seal for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain. Improved performance features include:

• Water Penetration: 1,218 fpm
• At 29 mph wind and 3 in/hr rainfall, the ECD-745 is 99.6% effective at 581 fpm core velocity
• At 50 mph wind and 8 in/hr rainfall, it is 99.2% effective at 493 fpm

ECD-545 and ECV-645 Now feature Florida Building Code (2014) approval

Our models ECD-545 and ECV-645 also feature the AMCA seal for Water Penetration. Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain and are AMCA listed for 540 Impact Resistance and 550 High Velocity Rain Resistance

Pottorff announces its new 2" horizontal blade, wind-driven rain louver

Our new ECD-245 2” horizontal blade, wind-driven rain louver. It is AMCA certified and features Best-in-Class water penetration performance.
Free Area Velocity: 1172 fpm
Air Volume Delivered: 7744 cfm
Pressure Loss: 0.37 in.wg.

ECD-545-MD Installation Video

New video on installing the ECD-545-MD Miami-Dade louver with innovative anchorless installation system.
Watch video 

Pottorff featured in the Fall issue of the Florida Caribbean Architect magazine

Our ECD-545-MD Miami-Dade louvers are featured in the Fall issue of the Florica Caribbean Architect magazine.
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ECD-545 now has AMCA certification

Our ECD-545 horizontal drainable blade louver is AMCA certified for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain. It is also AMCA 540/AMCA 550 listed

No damper required for ECD-545-MD to pass AMCA 550

Our ECD-545-MD 5” Miami-Dade louver does not require a damper to pass AMCA 550 (high velocity, wind driven rain.

Pottorff showed at Florida AIA convention

The annual Florida AIA convention was held July 30-August 2, 2015 at the Boca Resort and Club in Boca Raton, Florida was a success. Our booth had lots of traffic and we made many new contacts.

EFD-445 has improved Free Area Performance

Our EFD-445 4” drainable blade louver has been improved, giving it a better overall performance. Free area is now 50.4%

TICD Thermal Dampers featured in Industry News section of Thomas. Net

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ECV-645-MD Installation Video

New video on installing the ECV-645-MD Miami-Dade louver with innovative anchorless installation system.
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Pottorff's ECV-645-MD, 6" Vertical Blade, Miami-Dade, Wind-Driven Rain louver is now AMCA 540 and AMCA 550 Listed

Pottorff announces the addition of the AMCA 540 (impact resistance) and AMCA 550 (high velocity, wind-driven rain) listing to its ECV-645-MD louver. It is also AMCA rated for Air Performance, Water Penetration and Wind-Driven Rain and is approved by the Florida Building Code. The ECV-645-MD offers an industry leading optional anchorless installation utilizing specially-designed flanged clips and retaining angles. This unique combination allows quick and easy attachment to any substrate without the use of expensive and time-consuming mechanical anchors.

View our ad in the Summer edition of the Florida Caribbean magazine

View our innovative anchorless installation video

New AMCA 540 and 550 Listings for Pottorff Louvers

Pottorff announces the addition of the AMCA 540 (impact resistance) and AMCA 550 (high velocity-wind-driven rain) listing to our ECV-645-MD Miami-Dade louver. This listing also applies to our ECV-645 louver.

Pottorff featured in Florida Caribbean Architect Magazine

Pottorff’s severe duty louvers were showcased in the summer issue of the Florida Caribbean Architect magazine. This publication is the official journal for the Florida Association of American Institute of Architects which is the fifth largest chapter in the AIA.

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Pottorff sponsors the 12th Annual Poker Run in Fort Worth, Texas

Pottorff sponsored Texas AirSystem’s 12th Annual Poker Run. It was very successful and $40,000 went to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and Happy Hill Farm Academy

Fort Worth ASHRAE show

Texas Air Systems, our DFW representative, invited us to show at the Fort Worth ASHRAE show on Friday, April 24th. Our booth saw a lot of traffic and we made quite a few contacts.

Pottorff featured in the April edition of the ASHRAE Journal

Pottorff was represented with an advertisement in the April issue of the ASHRAE Journal. Our ad focused in our new thermal damper line which eliminate heat and cold  penetration in outdoor air intake systems.
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Pottorff Adds New Best-In-Class Thermal Dampers to its Product Line-Up.

Pottorff’s new TICD thermal dampers employ thermally insulated and broken aluminum airfoil blades and a thermally broken aluminum channel frame to eliminate the transfer of cold and heat penetration and reduce condensation. Our models provide extreme low leakage as well as exceptional air control in medium to high pressure and velocity applications. View ad in April 2015 ASHRAE Journal. View Thermally Insulated Control Dampers brochure.

• AMCA Certified

• Industry Leading Class 1 and 1A

• Comply with the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code)