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NEW FFJ-445 Stationary Fiberglass Louver for Corrosive Environments NEW FFJ-445 Stationary Fiberglass Louver for Corrosive Environments

Our FFJ-445 is a fixed blade, fiberglass louver used in applications where corrostive air exists such as waste water treatment plants and micro-electronics manufacturing facilities.

Free Area Velocity: 730 fpm
Air Volume Delivered: 4,390 cfm

AMCA Certified for Water Penetration and Air Performance


NEW Operable Blade Industrial Fiberglass Louver

Our FOJ-445 fiberglass operable louver is ideal for applications where corrosive air exists for exhaust, air supply or pressure relief. Available for in-cavity wall installation or flange mounted to exterior/interior of wall.

EVS-422 Sand Louver is Now AMCA Certified

Our EVS-422 extruded aluminum sand louver is suited for high wind areas or applications sensitive to wind-driven sand. AMCA Certified for Air Performance/Wind-Driven Sand.

New Video Shows Proper Application of Sealant to Pottorff Louvers

Many of our reps asked for a video showcasing how caulk is applied in the factory. This video shows the proper application techniques.

Sealant Video
Add Distinctive Style and Save Energy with NEW Pottorff Canopy

The ACP-802 exrruded aluminum canopy is designed to provde an aesthetic style to a building’s exterior while keeping the building cool. Theis canopy saves energy by reducing glare and thermal load. The ACP-802 will also minimize rain and snow on surfaces directly underneath the canopy.

1” Jackshaft Available for Pottorff Control Dampers

Pottorff now features a 1” jackshaft option for our CD-41/42 triple-V blade control dampers, CD-45 and CD-46 airfoil blade control dampers and CD-51 and CD-52 aluminum airfoil blade dampers. This option meets data center specifications for control dampers.